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JSON-RPC. A light weight remote procedure call protocol. It is designed to be simple! A label and bitcoin address are interchangeable i.e. any command which you can supply a bitcoin address you can substitute a label and visa versa; Any parameters with default value e.g. (minConfirmations = 1) are optional; HTTP callbacks can be enabled in the notifications section of [Account Settings] in the web interface. Host. The rpc host is Plain http and SSL https ... This is the simplest way to create a service using as CGI script. All methods in the script decorated using the ServiceMethod decorator are available to remote callers. all other methods are inaccessible to the "outside world".. handleCGI() gives you some flexibility to define what to use as the service. By default, as seen above it uses the __main__ module as a service. Running Bitcoin with the -server argument (or running bitcoind) tells it to function as a HTTP JSON-RPC server, but Basic access authentication must be used when communicating with it, and, for security, by default, the server only accepts connections from other processes on the same machine. If your HTTP or JSON library requires you to specify which 'realm' is authenticated, use 'jsonrpc'. Bitcoin-JSON-RPC-Client is a lightweight Java bitcoin JSON-RPC client binding. It does not require any external dependencies. Code Example

[index] [44164] [8280] [13847] [35324] [35518] [689] [29680] [27201] [11970] [43609]

Quickly Build a JSON-RPC Web API in Java with Thriftly

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